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Sufiyan Khatri-Master Block-printer.


Documenting the process of Internationally acclaimed block printer, Sufiyan Khatri's natural block printing.

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Be like the bird - Victor Hugo 


Conceptual shoot on the theme - "Transience of a Poem". Portraying the legendary poem of Victor Hugo, manually on soap bubbles without any digital post-production.

Colección Vintage - El Rastro

Photoshoot for Vintage items, for a private collector at the world's most famous flea market - El Rastro, Madrid

Shrujan Products



Product photography for Shrujan. Shrujan is a not-for-profit organization working with craftswomen in Kutch to revitalize the ancient craft of hand embroidery. It's also a recipient of prestigious Rollex award. 

Archiving and Visual Documentation of the Sculptures and Paintings by the legendary artist Late Shri Satish Gujral.