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Living Lightly

Nipun Prabhakar

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On-going long term photo-documentary project on the nomadic pastoralist tribes of western and central India for Living Lightly exhibition. The focus is on migration, boundaries, and the impact of climate change. Find out more about Living lightly here.


The doors of Kathmandu. Ongoing photo+book project.


Muzaffarnagar post-riot rehabilitation. Ongoing photo project since 2015. Find more about this here.


When the nuns lifted the shovel, a story of rebuilding lives and houses in the Bakhang nunnery after the 2015 earthquake in Nepal.


Photos from various photo assignments for Non-Profit organizations.


Under the Shade of moon. A project for the government of Madhya Pradesh, 2014.


The magic show. Read more about it here

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Documenting the Ajrakh natural dye block printing process for World renowned block printer. Sufiyan Khatri.


Shoot for Shrujan, a not-for-profit organization working with craftswomen in Kutch to revitalize the ancient craft of hand embroidery. 

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Nipun Prabhakar is a documentary photographer and Photojournalist based in Delhi and Kutch (Gujarat). He works with South Asian communities dealing with migration, disasters, conflicts, and climate change. His work is also informed by his training as an architect, and built environment plays an important role in his photographs. His long term work is with the nomadic pastoralist communities of India, documenting their lives in the context of climate change and displacement. 

Nipun has been engaged in multiple rehabilitation projects in Nepal which also involved him extensively documenting public spaces and architectural heritage. He has since worked on photo essays for various development organizations, magazines, and publications.. He was a recipient of the Berkeley Essay Prize 2014 and is the Cornell South Asian Fellow 2019 for his documentary work on the doors of Kathmandu.


Nipun is a member of, a community of BIPOC and non-western photographers, editors, and visual producers working to break with the predominantly colonial and patriarchal eye through which history and the mass media have seen and recorded the images of our time.

Get in touch with him at 




Round City Magazine

Tribal Museum, Ministry of Culture, Madhya Pradesh


LLDC Museum, Kutch

Hindustan Times (Editorial)

Russian Centre for Science and culture

Living Lightly Exhibition


Homes in the city, (Curry-Stone Foundation)

Hunnarshala Foundation


Shrujan​: threads of life.


Sufiyan Khatri, Master block printer.


Selected exhibitions:
Elle decor group show

Mahalakshmi, Mumbai, 2018

Living Lightly Exhibition

Mill owners association building, Ahmadabad



Russian Centre of Science and Culture, Delhi



State Museum, Bhopal, M.P


Delhi Photography Club group exhibition,
India Habitat Centre 2013

Selected Talks/lectures:
What happens after architects leave?
Architecture Photography talk:
Indian Institute of Architects, Jaipur, (2020)

A window to the doors of Kathmandu
Cornell University, SAP, Oct 2019
Doors of Kathmandu:
Onondaga Community College, Oct 2019
Fostering open cultures: Photography
IIM Ahmedabad, ICCG 4, Jan 2019
Storytelling in Architecture photography
IIT Roorkee, 2017
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